Palisade Peach + Orange Mulipurpose Cleaner (16 fl. oz) by Namaste Home


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* UPDATE: We’ve discontinued our recycled plastic bottles in favor of our new glass reusable cleaning spray bottle, and concentrate refills, all sold separately and linked below. Palisade Peach + Orange has been updated  to a new Orange Thieves blend called Citrus Thieves. *

This all natural multipurpose cleaner is amazing. Use all over the house. Excellent for countertops, appliances, floors, sinks and toilets. Naturally disinfects. Excellent for stainless steel. Just spray and wipe.

16 fl oz. Multipurpose Cleaner featuring peach and orange essential oils and plant derived ingredients, from our 2020 Chakra blends collection.

Sacral Chakra – Orange – Passionate – Creative – Sensual–

As an ode to our beloved home state of Colorado, our Palisade Peach multipurpose cleaner blend with a hint of orange for that extra kick of vitamin C , was made to embody all of the comforts of home. Summertime in a bottle, our favorite summer delicacy snack, the legendary peaches from Palisade Colorado, freshen and enliven the house. Subtle notes of vanilla create a classic, irresistible peaches and cream combination that makes this one of our favorite blends. This multipurpose cleaner features antifungal and antibacterial properties. The enzymes in orange essential oil actually eat away at bacteria and prevent them from coming back. This blend is refreshing and uplifting and an effective cleaner to boot.


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