Namaste Home All-Purpose Cleaner Variety Pack -128 fl. oz!- (8-pack) Full Line of Chakra Balancing Aromatherapy Cleaners! Best Selling Items


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*UPDATE: We’ve discontinued our recycled plastic bottles in favor of our new glass reusable cleaning spray bottle, and concentrate refills featuring our same original scents, all sold separately and linked below. *

16 fl oz. each- All 8 of our chakra line of aromatherapy cleaners! Full sized!
Created to activate each chakra depending on what energy you most need. Everything you need to clean the entire home, including a glass cleaner, bathroom cleaner, and several multi surface blends.

Includes These Blends-
Romantic Rose (Root Chakra)
Comforting Palisade Peach (Sacral Chakra)
Energizing Melaleuca Lemon Zing (Solar Chakra)
Clearing Sage + Ginger (Heart Chakra)
Cooling Peppermint (Throat Chakra)
Lavender, Chamomile + Lemon (Third Eye Chakra)
Boulder Lilac (Crown Chakra)
White Lotus (Soul Star Chakra)

Root Chakra Blend – Romantic Rose- Plant magic! Rose is the ultimate flower to complement and stimulate the 1st chakra, our base root chakra, being both grounding and possessing aphrodisiac attributes. Rose essential oil has powerful naturally occurring powerful cleaning properties.

Sacral Chakra Blend- Palisade Peach- Subtle notes of vanilla create a classic, irresistible peaches and cream combination that makes this one of our favorite blends. We’ve added orange essential oil for the naturally occurring powerhouse cleaning qualities it possesses.

Solar Chakra Blend- Lemon Zing- This multipurpose cleaner is our strongest cleansing blend, made with “melaleuca”, or tea tree, and lemon. Effective cleanser and freshener for kitchen, bathrooms and toilets.

Heart Chakra Blend – Sage+Ginger- Sage is known for its clearing quality, physically and spiritually. Both sage and ginger have very powerful naturally occurring cleaning properties.

Throat Chakra Blend – Cooling peppermint blend that provides a streak free shine. Works well on mirrors, glass and stainless steel. Third Eye Chakra Blend- Lavender oil is a highly effective natural cleaner and also excellent for anti-odor benefits.

Crown Chakra Blend-Lilac oil is another powerhouse plant with naturally occurring cleaning properties. Side effects may include joy and balanced emotion

Soul Star Chakra Blend-White Lotus oil is a perfect compliment to rituals in the home, to wipe off a yoga mat or a massage table, or to set the mood in any space.



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