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Zodiac Soy Candles Adorned w/ Crystals, Rose Petals + Lavender Buds
Now available in 3 sizes!
-Large 14.5 oz. 3 wick Candle (New!)
-Full Size 8 oz. Tin Candle
-Travel Size 4 oz. Tin Candle

Organic products to uplift the home, made well, with a personal touch.

We are committed to innovating sustainable products with simple, plant based ingredients!

Simple is best!

Our new reusable glass cleaning spray bottle features a trigger sprayer made from 100% recycled plastic, and a silicone base to prevent breakage.

Our 1 oz. cleaning concentrates are available in 8 different aromatherapy blends!

Our vision starts at home: understanding what you need, so we can offer you products that make sense. We create safe and effective cleaning solutions for families, kids young and old, made fun and inspiring to relieve house cleaning anxiety.

Our essential oil and plant derived formulas create powerful natural cleaning solutions without the need for harmful chemicals.

Our aroma therapeutic blends are proven to calm, clear, purify, energize and inspire you and your home. Pick and choose from our blends that resonate with you.

Products made just for you. We love to provide comfort and ease to real people in a busy modern world. It’s the little things in life.

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