Sage+Ginger (Heart Chakra)

Sage + hint of Ginger

4th Chakra Blend – 

Green – Love – Compassion – Gratitude – Acceptance 

Sage+Ginger- Sage is known for its clearing quality, physically and spiritually. Releasing resentments, jealousy, and anxiety are all necessary for making the space to activate the heart chakra, and sage is the ultimate proponent of that release. Ginger offers us another powerful energetic detox. It is widely known to cleanse the palette when ingested; ginger used as aromatherapy also has the ability to detox and purify.

This Blend Is Currently Available in the Following Forms

Natural All-Purpose Cleaner– This multipurpose cleaning blend features key notes of sage and ginger essential oils, which on top of smelling amazing together, both have very powerful naturally occurring cleaning properties. Interesting Fact: Sage originates near the Mediterranean Sea and historically, sage oil was used to preserve meat due to all of these clearing qualities.

Roll-on Perfume– Jojoba+Almond oil moisturizing topical fragrance

Bath Bomb– Made in a USDA organic certified lab by hand. We’ve added ultra moisturizing coconut oil and epsom salt to relieve sore muscles to our fizzy blend and top quality skin safe organic essential oils for a blissful aromatherapy experience. 

Goat’s Milk Handpoured Soap Bar– Available in a custom lotus, hamsa hand, or skull miniature shapes. Goat’s milk is naturally extremely hydrating for dry hands. Goat milk soap contains many vitamins and nutrients that are excellent for all skin types including sensitive skin, and including people that have eczema or psoriasis.

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