Leo Crystal Candle, 3 Wick Glass Votive


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These special Leo candles are a thoughtful gift for any occasion. Now available in this 14.5 oz. beautiful glass votive with a silver hammered lid. This candle features 3 wicks and a burn time of up to 45 hours! Our candles are handpoured with organic soy candle wax and a blend of grade A therapeutic essential oils, featuring rose and sandalwood. Rose petals, lavender buds and reiki charged crystals top off each special candle. We use a mixture of gems including quartz wands, rose quartz, tiger’s eye, amethyst and pieces of druzy geode. The candle is adorned with a label featuring original Leo art completed by Melodia in 2020. Choose the gift wrap option if you would like us to wrap it as a present for your friend or loved one! Blessings!

All of our candle wax is melted using renewable solar energy. <3 🌍


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