Palisade Peach (Sacral Chakra)

Peach + Hint of Vanilla

2nd Chakra Blend – 

Orange – Passionate – Creative – Sensual 

Palisade Peach- A peaches and cream blend, with a hint of orange, that is refreshing and uplifting! Made to embody all of the comforts of home. The sacral chakra is stimulated by the sense of smell using essences that excite, inspire and nurture us, to promote us in turn, to be creative. If you are feeling creatively blocked, or your life is lacking creative passion, peaches and oranges with comforting vanilla is the best the universe has to offer to get your sacral chakra region activated. Our blends provide this energy instantly, even long after peaches have gone out of season!

We Currently Have This Aromatherapy Blend Available In These Forms

All Purpose Cleaner. As an ode to our beloved home state of Colorado, we’ve created our Palisade Peach multipurpose cleaner blend. The essence of our favorite summer delicacy snack, the legendary peaches from Palisade Colorado, freshens and enlivens the house. Subtle notes of vanilla create a classic, irresistible peaches and cream combination that makes this one of our favorite blends. This blend is refreshing and uplifting and an effective cleaner to boot. We’ve added orange essential oil for the naturally occurring powerhouse cleaning qualities it possesses.

Roll on Perfume, Jojoba+Almond Oil topical fragrance

Bath Bomb– Made in a USDA organic certified lab by hand. We’ve added ultra moisturizing coconut oil and epsom salt to relieve sore muscles to our fizzy blend and top quality skin safe organic essential oils for a blissful aromatherapy experience. 

Goat’s Milk Handpoured Soap Bar– Available in a custom lotus, hamsa hand, or skull miniature shapes. Goat’s milk is naturally extremely hydrating for dry hands. Goat milk soap contains many vitamins and nutrients that are excellent for all skin types including sensitive skin, and including people that have eczema or psoriasis.

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