White Lotus (Soul Star Chakra)

8th Chakra Blend –

White – Universally Connected – Spiritual Oneness

The Soul Star chakra is the 8th chakra, located just above the head. The essential oil of a lotus is said to have been used by ancient Egyptians to guide kings and priests to higher spiritual levels and access divine knowledge. Lotus oil is proven to relieve headaches, and reduce restlessness and anxiety by providing the body with Pyridoxine, which interacts with brain receptors that positively influence mood and mental states. It is used in massage, yogic and reiki practices to balance energy and chakras, and activate the crown chakra, leading the way to the soul star chakra and to realizing the connection with divine and source.

We Currently Have This Blend Available in the Following Forms-

Natural Multipurpose Cleaner– This all surface cleaning blend smells beautiful and is a perfect compliment to rituals in the home, to wipe off a yoga mat or a massage table, or to set the mood in any space. Powerful Aromatherapy with just the right amount of fragrance!

Roll-on Perfume– Jojoba + Almond oil moisturizing topical fragrance

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