Boulder Lilac (Crown Chakra)

7th Chakra Blend- 

Violet – Connection – Enlightement – Bliss

An appropriate choice for our crown chakra, one traditional use for lilac essential oil is actually to help induce psychic abilities, activating intuition and spiritual connection. This blend is created especially for soothing hyperactivity and making way for meditative bliss, while inspiring you with the feeling of spring.

We Currently Have This Blend Available in the Following Forms-

Natural Multipurpose Cleaner– All surface blend! Lilac oil is another powerhouse with naturally occurring cleaning properties. Side effects may include joy and balanced emotions with an overall uplifted mood. Vanilla is another featured note in this blend just to add that hint of warm sweet soothing comfort. This blend is a powerful deodorizer.

Roll-on Perfume– Jojoba + Almond oil moisturizing topical fragrance

Goat’s Milk Handpoured Soap Bar– Available in a custom lotus, hamsa hand, or skull miniature shapes. Goat’s milk is naturally extremely hydrating for dry hands. Goat milk soap contains many vitamins and nutrients that are excellent for all skin types including sensitive skin, and including people that have eczema or psoriasis.

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