Lavender (Third Eye Chakra)

Lavender, Lemon and Chamomile

6th Chakra Blend – 

Purple – Wise – Focused – Intuitive

This calming blend has the power to reduce stress and even induce sleep for those struggling with any forms of anxiety or insomnia. Promoting relaxation is the ultimate road to accessing and activating the third eye chakra, although essential oil of Lavender is universal for all seven chakras. Lavender is an adaptogenic essential oil; it works wherever it is needed. Balancing the third eye chakra, involves balancing all of the chakras preceding it, working up from the root chakra.

This Blend is Currently Available in the Following Forms

Natural Multipurpose Cleaner– Lavender is another miraculous essential oil that provides us with inherent, naturally occurring cleaning properties. It is highly effective and also excellent for anti-odor benefits. Our special secret blend also features relaxed tones of lemon and chamomile which all pair together uniquely yet so beautifully.

Roll-on Perfume– Jojoba + Almond oil moistening topical fragrance

Bath Bomb– Made in a USDA organic certified lab by hand. We’ve added ultra moisturizing coconut oil and epsom salt to relieve sore muscles to our fizzy blend and top quality skin safe organic essential oils for a blissful aromatherapy experience. 

Goat’s Milk Handpoured Soap Bar– Available in a custom lotus, hamsa hand, or skull miniature shapes. Goat’s milk is naturally extremely hydrating for dry hands. Goat milk soap contains many vitamins and nutrients that are excellent for all skin types including sensitive skin, and including people that have eczema or psoriasis.

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