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5 Reasons To Do Yoga!

Over here at Namaste Home TM we love moving and expressing our bodies with yoga. With stay at home orders in place we have had more time to practice yoga and feel the benefits of stretching our bodies.

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5 Reason to do Yoga

✨1. Yoga Keeps Your Body Looking and Feeling Young

YES! Scientifically proven that healthy bodies have stronger Telomeres (structures at the end of our chromosomes that prevent them from deteriorating) Not only does yoga keep your body stretched and ache free it attributes to longer telomeres.

✨2. Yoga Helps with Stress and Anxiety

The fact that yoga helps with ones physical and mental wellness is known world wide and throughout cultures. Studies have proven that yoga is associated with an increase of GABA (neurotransmitter that reduces anxiety) Can improve your sleep, and have a calming effect on your brain waves which could prevent insomnia due to stress.

✨3. Yoga Tones Your Entire Body

As much as we are all missing the gym and lifting those weights- traditional weight training isolates only one body part at a time.

When you are doing yoga you are exercising your whole body at once.

Holding yoga poses engages your muscles and therefore tones.

✨4. Yoga Limits Aches and Pains

Use it or lose it. Ain’t that the truth! And couldn’t be more accurate in regard to fitness! When we don’t use our muscles and joints they are more likely to feel sore, painful and achey. Yoga utilizes muscles most people would neglect and by utilizing the muscle helps with pain. Many people suffering from chronic pain conditions find relief from yoga while other exercises may cause more pain.

✨5. Yoga Aids Weight Loss

Medical doctors recommend their patients to try yoga to help promote weight loss. Yoga will help reduce bad cholesterol and increase the good cholesterol in our bodies. The motion of yoga burns calories too! πŸ’ͺ🏽

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