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What Is Your Power Chakra? Based on Your Zodiac Sign

❤️Aquarius and Capircorn – Saturn- Root Chakra- (I AM) Keywords: respect, commitment, freedom

🧡Sagittarius and Pisces – Jupiter- Sacral Chakra- (I FEEL) Keywords: adventure, honesty, kindness

💛Aries and Scorpio- Mars- Solar Chakra- (I DO) Keywords: independence, passion, spontaneity

💚 Libra and Taurus- Venus- Heart Chakra- (I LOVE) Keywords: equality, cooperation, sensuality

💙Gemini and Virgo- Mercury- Throat Chakra- (I SPEAK) Keywords: communication, consistency, service

💜Leo and Cancer- Sun/Moon – Third Eye Chakra- (I SEE) Keywords: affection, support, loyalty

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